SLIDER-DOME – System advantages

The functional principle of the SLIDER-DOME is based on an electrically driven SHEV device with a powerful 24 V drive unit. This means: opening + closing + locking at the push of a button.

  • Electric 24V motor pre-assembled in logistics position
  • Motor control and smoke detector pre-installed and wired up in the distribution box in NSHEV
  • Electronic recording of the function cycles for SHEV and ventilation makes the function status verifiable and enables a ,predictive maintenance concept‘ for maximum system safety
  • Optionally with plastic or insulating glass element
  • Automation via control by the building management system is possible (control and monitoring by BMS via SHEV control)
  • JET-FIREJET®-GA SHEV device system
  • Increase in building energy efficiency (e.g. through night cooling down)
  • Electronic indication of malfunctions
  • Maximum operational safety through predictive maintenance concept

JET-FIREJET®-GA SHEV device system

Complete and pre-assembled

Infinitely adjustable openings variants

One system – two glazing variants