Jet daylight solutions made from glass and GRILLODUR®

Daylight elements on flat roofs of industrial buildings must not only fulfil functional requirements, such as the supply of natural daylight and fresh air, but also sophisticated design aspects. This is also an important prerequisite for creating a pleasant and performance-enhancing (working) atmosphere. Also in the municipal sector e.g. in schools, nursery schools or sports facilities, the demands on skylights are increasing. The JET daylight solutions made of glass and GRILLODUR® have been specially created and developed for these areas of application in new construction or refurbishment.

GRILLODUR® comprises at least two semi-transparent fibreglass sheets (GRP) which are applied to an aluminium grid framework. The stable construction and material combination provide enormous advantages - especially for construction projects with high loads. Despite its low dead weight, GRILLODUR® can still simultaneously withstand loads of up to 2.5 kN/m2 without any problems. It also provides a natural, glare-free light. Additional advantages are resistance to environmental influences, high light transmission, permanent fall-through protection, sound insulation (up to RW 36 dB), integrated UV protection, hail/ball impact protection, durability as well as unlimited colour and geometry diversity. Daylight solutions with GRILLODUR® are therefore ideal for applications with special requirements - for example sports halls, industrial buildings, production halls, schools or workplaces with homogeneous lighting requirements. Can be built into both roof surfaces as well as façade surfaces.

The modular JET-BA glazing systems, consisting of aluminium profiles with a clamped-in glazing, can be utilised both in roofs with an slope of only 2° as well as in façades.The glass surfaces can be walked on and transmit the light fall in its entire spectrum. Advantageous for interior rooms and spaces where many people are located and a view to the outside should be guaranteed. For example, meeting places, schools or shopping centres. Furthermore, they provide protection against driving rain as well as very good sound insulation and heat insulation values and can therefore be implemented as a passive house standard. Functions like ventilation or SHEV can be implemented in combination with optional system flaps. Utilising special glazing variants, screen printing or printed glass enables each building to become a unique specimen.

The JET-VARIO-GLAS continuous rooflight system is an adaptive all-glass solution for flat roofs in a modern and elegant design without push-pull braces and visible screw or bolted connections. It is configured and manufactured according to customer requirements. The shape-stable overall construction provides sufficient stability both in the pitch and saddle continuous rooflight versions, even with snow loads of up to 2.2 kN/m2. Application areas are not only in industrial and commercial buildings but also municipal facilities and administrative buildings. With appropriate accessories, it can be implemented for both illumination, ventilation and smoke exhaust. It can be configured individually with the help of a product configurator - including the corresponding BIM data.

The JET-AMBIENTE daylight solutions have been specially developed for residential, office and administrative buildings. In addition to a high level of natural daylight, the design plays an important role here. The Ambiente range impresses with functional accessories, enormous variety and a wealth of variants.

We will be pleased to advise you regarding the appropriate accessories and the individual requirements for your building project when utilising JET daylight systems made of glass for efficient smoke exhaust in case of fire as an SHEV system as well as for aeration and ventilation.

Daylight Solutions with GRILLODUR®

JET BA-Glazing Systems

JET-VARIO-GLASS Continuous Rooflight System