Acquisition of Xtralite Rooflights Ltd. by JET-Group

Blyth/ Hüllhorst (d-pr): With effect as of 14th December 2016, the JET Group (Hüllhorst, Germany), which is active throughout Europe, acquired 100 percent of the shares in the company Xtralite Rooflights Ltd. The company is based in Northumberland and employs about 90 people. Xtralite is one of the largest manufacturers in the field of customized rooflights as well as structural glazing solutions in the United Kingdom. The company was founded in 1993 and has been in private hands up to now. The company founder Bob Tweedy and board members will continue to play an active part in the company.

“We are very enthusiastic about the technical competence and strong brand reputation of Xtralite,” emphasizes Eric Pans, CEO of the JET Group.” Bob Tweedy adds “Such a Partnership ensures a bright future for all at Xtralite and allows us to tap into the vast resource JET Group has to offer.” Xtralite's portfolio is complementary to the products and services from JET Cox Ltd. in Wednesbury. Both companies will operate independent from each other and continue to serve their market segments.


he “JET Group” with its headquarters in Hüllhorst (Eastern Westphalia, Germany) is a leading European supplier of daylight solutions, ventilation products and smoke and heat exhaust ventilation (SHEV) systems. Its main products include, in particular, light domes and continuous rooflights, which are mainly used in the industrial and municipal construction sectors. In many European countries, the flat roofs of office, administrative and residential buildings are increasingly being equipped with quality daylight products from JET. JET serves its customers from five locations in Germany and has branches in Poland (“JET Grupa Polska Sp. z o. o.”), Denmark (“JET Domex A/S”), Norway (“JET Bramo AS”), the Netherlands (“JET BIK Projecten B.V.” and “JET BIK Producten B.V.”), the United Kingdom (“JET COX Ltd.” and “Xtralite Rooflights Ltd.”), Austria (“JET Gruppe Austria GmbH”) and Switzerland (“JET Tageslichttechnik AG”). The international JET Group has around 700 employees and achieves annual sales of more than 150 million euros.

Contract signin between JET and Xtralite
After successful signing of the contract: Bob Tweedy (left) and Eric Pans. Photo: JET-Group, Hüllhorst, Germany