Pneumatic SHEV Components for Light Domes

The pneumatic JET-FIREJET® 165J AZ DIN SHEV device for light domes guarantees safe opening of the daylight elements in the event of fire. The SHEV device provides a high degree of functional reliability, as it functions independently of the power supply and therefore opens reliably even in the event of a total power failure. It has also been tested and approved in accordance with EN 12101-2.

Due to the strong heat development in the event of a fire, a small glass cylinder breaks on the opener fitting. The integrated CO2 cartridge is then pierced so that the gas flows into the pneumatic cylinder, automatically opening the smoke exhaust unit. This means that the escape and rescue routes remain passable as the toxic smoke gasses are vented away.

The JET-FIREJET® 165J AZ is suitable for aerodynamic smoke exhaust surfaces of up to 4,500 m2. It also always opens reliably with high snow loads (SL 900). The dual function SHEV/ventilation is possible either in combination with compressed air or electrically with motors.

In addition to reliable triggering, this pneumatic smoke and heat exhaust device for light domes also impresses with efficient maintenance as the function test can be executed without using the CO2 cartridge, which means that exchanging it is not absolutely necessary. We will also be pleased to provide you with comprehensive information regarding our SHEV maintenance service.

Pneumatic SHEV components for light dome range