JET-Staircase Room-24 V-SHEV-SET Light Dome

The complete set for preventive fire protection in staircase rooms

The JET Staircase Room 24V SHEV-SETs are complete systems for preventive fire protection, which contain all the important components from the 24V electric drive unit to the 24V electric SHEV control centre and have already proven themselves many times in use. They are suitable for all JET upstand models as well as JET light domes, JET-VARIO light flaps and JET dark flaps.

The JET Staircase Room 24V SHEV-SET therefore enables you to fulfil the requirements for LBO in the best possible way. In addition, they are already equipped with an integrated ventilation function and OPEN/CLOSE function so that functionality and comfort are optimally combined with each other. Additional comfort components such as a rain detector can also be connected without any problems.

  • 24V electrical drive unit (normally 500mm lift)
  • 24V electrical SHEV central unit (including 72 hours for emergency power supply)
  • Smoke detector
  • SHEV triggering button (main triggering button and auxiliary triggering button)
  • Ventilation rotary switch
  • Comfort components for ventilation as option (wind detector/rain detector etc.)
  • Suitable for: All JET upstand models (for RAK upstands (maximum aerodynamic) and inclined upstands (EURO geometry)
  • JET Light Domes / JET-VARIO-Light Flaps/ JET-Dark Flaps
  • Ventilation possibilities: electric (inclusive)
  • Deliverable in nominal dimensions (RAK geometry/ EURO geometry) 100 x 150 cm up to 150 x 250 cm
  • Ageo-Werte: abh. von LBO (0.5 bis 1.0 sqm)
  • Office buildings
  • Administration buildings
  • Residential buildings

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