SHEV and Ventilation Components for Light Domes

Light domes are not just utilised for lighting, rather more they also fulfil important functions with regard to natural ventilation and smoke exhaust. With additional control system elements, you can easily use almost any JET light dome for this purpose. The SHEV and ventilation components from JET are available as SHEV devices, as pure ventilation devices or a combination of both. They are suitable for utilisation on various kerbs and domes and can be operated either electrically or pneumatically.

In combination with the JET SHEV and ventilation components for light domes, these can also be equipped as NSHEV systems (natural smoke and heat exhaust devices), so that an effective smoke and heat exhaust can be implemented for a wide variety of operating conditions in accordance with EN 12101-2. In the event of a fire, the light dome opens automatically and provides very good aerodynamic smoke exhaust surface area.

All NSHEV systems can also be utilised for daily ventilation as an option - with the appropriate supplementary devices. Depending on the requirement involved, the light dome is hereby actuated electrically with a motor opener or pneumatically with a lifting cylinder. For special convenience, control systems with a timer as well as wind/rain detection devices can also be integrated.

We will be pleased to advise you regarding the choice of suitable SHEV and ventilation components for the light domes in your individual building project.

SHEV and ventilation components for light domes range

SHEV Pneumatic

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