GRILLODUR®- Continuous Rooflight Flaps for SHEV and Ventilation

The continuous rooflight flaps have been specially created and developed for the arched continuous rooflights made from GRILLODUR®. In conjunction with appropriate control elements, these then become an automated smoke and heat exhaust system for preventive fire protection in accordance with DIN EN 12101-2. Arranged at the highest point of a daylight system, they therefore optimally fulfil this function. In the event of a fire, the SHEV flaps are opened automatically within a very short time by means of pneumatic or electric drive units so that rising smoke, heat and fire gases can dissipate to the outside. Furthermore, they can be utilised for daily ventilation and thereby to improve the air quality in the rooms below.

They are available as single flaps or double flaps in flat or arched shapes for continuous rooflight widths of up to 7 m. Actuation is hereby executed as electric or pneumatic - depending on individual requirements.

The maintenance-friendly GRILLODUR®- SHEV flaps simultaneously impress with a high-quality appearance, very good U Values up to 0.8 W/m2K and suitable accessories. Simply create your desired, personal product from our product range. We will be pleased to advise and assist you with your project at all times.

GRILLODUR®-Continuous Rooflight Flaps