Pneumatic SHEV system for utilisation in full flaps

The JET-VARIO-FIREJET® 165 J provides you with the suitable product in order to equip the continuous rooflight full flaps in your JET-VARIO-NORM or JET-VARIO-THERM with a tried and tested pneumatic SHEV device.

On the one hand it guarantees an effective smoke and heat exhaust for you according to DIN EN 12101-2. On the other hand it provides controlling possibilities for the ventilation function. You can hereby select between a CO2 OPEN system or OPEN/CLOSE system as well as different ventilation methods.

JET-VARIO-FIREJET® 165 J is especially suitable for applications in industrial and commercial construction projects and guarantees the highest possible safety in the case of fire at such locations.

  • SHEV opener fitting systems for JET full flaps in VARIO-NORM or VARIO-THERM continuous rooflight
  • Tested and certified according to DIN EN 12101-2
  • Deliverable in dimensions from 120 x 100 cm up to 300 x 204 cm
  • As CO2 OPEN system or CO2 OPEN / CLOSE system
  • Controlling options for the ventilation function
  • Different ventilation lifts can be selected pneumatically or electrically
  • Maximum AA Value: 4.28 m2
  • Maximum snow load: SL 700
  • Wind load: WL 1500
  • Maximum temperature class: T (-15)
  • Function safety: Re 1000 Type A dual purpose or Re 50 Type B dual purpose
  • Thermal resistance: B300-30-E
  • Industrial buildings
  • Commercial buildings