JET-Gruppe – Part of VELUX Commercial


Electrical SHEV system with OPEN/CLOSE function

The JET-VARIO-FIREJET® 165 J 24 V/48 V AZ is an electrical SHEV fitting system for utilisation in JET continuous rooflight full flaps in a VARIO-NORM or VARIO-THERM continuous rooflight. The controlling is executed via a 24 V and/or 48 V SHEV central control unit. Due to the very low noise emission level of the motor it is ideal, for example, for sales rooms or meeting places.

Particularly in the case of sensitive or necessarily particularly clean production conditions, this system provides the possibility of correcting an incorrect triggering immediately (even without an SHEV service technician). The system thereby makes a significant contribution to process reliability in production. Connection to the building management system is also possible at any time due to the already integrated connection components, providing you with special convenience.

  • SHEV opener fitting system for JET full flaps in VARIO-NORM or VARIO-THERM continuous rooflights
  • Tested and certified according to DIN EN 12101-2
  • Deliverable in dimensions 170 x 100 cm up to 200 x 204 cm or 250 x 134 cm
  • Controlling via 24 V/48 V SHEV central control units
  • Maximum Aa Value: 2.774 m2
  • Maximum snow load: SL 1400 (depending on flap dimension and nominal voltage)
  • Wind load: WL 1500
  • Temperature class: T (-15)
  • Function safety: Re 1000 dual purpose
  • Thermal resistance: B300-30-E
  • Industrial buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Administration buildings
  • Residential buildings