Electrical SHEV Components for Continuous Rooflights

The electrical SHEV components for continuous rooflights guarantee safe opening of the continuous rooflight flaps in the event of fire - tested and approved in accordance with DIN EN 12101-2. Depending on your requirements, we can provide you with various systems, each with its own individual advantages.

The JET-VARIO FIREJET® 165J 24 V/48 V AZ is a system which is ideally suited for e.g. retail outlets. It simultaneously impresses with a programmable ventilation position. It can therefore be utilised multifunctionally for natural smoke and heat exhaust (SHEV) as well as for ventilation.

The electrically actuated VARIO-THERM double flap for continuous rooflights also guarantees safe smoke exhaust with maximum aerodynamic exhaust values. It is additionally thermally separated and therefore thermal bridging free.

Our SMOKEJET® louvre with 24 Volt motorised opener can be integrated both in the façade as well as in the roof. Depending on which location they are utilised in, they provide thermal lift as a façade opening with fresh air or serve as smoke exhaust openings in flat roofs.

The powerful SHEV components can be equipped with the corresponding 24/48 V SHEV control centres as well as extensive accessories and various control options. You also therefore have the option of connecting to the building control system - for maximum safety and extra convenience.

Electrical SHEV components for continuous rooflights range