SHEV and Ventilation Components for Continuous Rooflights

JET continuous rooflights are not only suitable for large surface-area natural lighting rather, with appropriate continuous rooflight flaps and opener devices, they are also excellent for natural smoke exhaust and daily ventilation. They can be utilised as SHEV systems, as pure ventilation units or a combination of both. Both for electric and pneumatic actuation.

In conjunction with the JET SHEV and ventilation components for continuous rooflights, these can also be utilised as NSHEV systems (natural smoke and heat exhaust devices). This therefore guarantees effective smoke and heat exhaust for a wide range of various operating conditions in accordance with EN 12101-2. Our drive units and flap systems guarantee maximum protection in the event of fire, are safe to operate and, due to their excellent quality, are always ready for operation even after numerous openings.

In order to ensure a healthy and pleasant daily room climate, the JET continuous rooflights can also be utilised for ventilation due to the flaps and the corresponding optional additional devices. We will be pleased to advise you regarding the possibilities for equipping your continuous rooflights for SHEV and ventilation.

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