Natural Smoke Exhaust and Natural Ventilation

The main task of smoke and heat exhaust systems (SHEV) comprises removing smoke, heat and toxic gases from the building as quickly as possible in the event of a fire and to create a minimum smoke layer in the lower part of the room. The smoke gases rise upwards and are then routed to the outside through the skylights and openings located in the roof such as, for example, a SHEV light dome. Air intake openings located in the floor area ensure the inflow of fresh air. The thermal buoyancy principle thereby ensures that a natural heat dissipation is executed in an upward direction. This means that escape and rescue routes can be kept passable longer and personal injury and damage to property can therefore be prevented or limited.

This principle is also followed by natural ventilation, in which the stale air is routed upwards. You can create a good indoor climate due to the optimal fresh air supply via the façade windows. This not only increases productivity, rather also reduces the accident rate and error rate and effectively prevents health risks e.g. due to mould growth. The result: A pleasant and healthy indoor air which results in more concentration, productivity and well-being.

When the JET daylight solutions are equipped with the appropriate SHEV and ventilation components, they become reliable systems for natural smoke exhaust and natural ventilation. Both skylight domes, continuous rooflights and glass constructions can be equipped with electrical, pneumatic or pyrotechnical opening units for preventive fire protection as well as climate optimisation.

All JET-SHEV systems fulfil the requirements of DIN EN 12101-2 for natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators. They impress with function-capable accessories, modern design and a large selection of control elements and types of drive units.

As a VdS certified installer of SHEV systems, JET additionally provides qualified maintenance for your SHEV and ventilation systems throughout Germany by utilising our trained specialist personnel, including 24-hour emergency call service and rapid response time in the event of a malfunction.

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