JET Project Management Service

Our experts are always at your disposal with their comprehensive know-how and their many years of experience for professional and comprehensive advice regarding the consultation, planning and project management for your building project at any time. We are your competent partner for all questions concerning natural lighting, ventilation and smoke exhaust.

SHEV-project management: The correct dimensioning from a professional company regarding protection for people and property

You state all the relevant building data which we require, provide us with building requirements and expert assessor opinions, if available, and JET will design an economical SHEV solution for your property - including supply air and heat extraction, which can also fulfil the demands for of daylight requirements if required.

Ventilation project management: Achieving a pleasant, draught-free room climate with little additional time and effort

The principle of natural ventilation created by light domes, continuous rooflights and louvres can be utilised in almost all businesses. The basis of the JET ventilation management planning is the determination of the expected heat generation from the room utilisation. JET plans the appropriate ventilation concept for you, taking into account the workplace guidelines regarding the recommended air exchange rate and air velocity.

Daylight project management: Optimum room illumination with daylight increases well-being and saves costs

JET daylight project management planning programmes according to DIN 5034 T. 6 can determine the optimum light area depending on the respective requirements. Our EDP programmes accordingly optimise the positioning of the openings on the roof for your individual project.

Structural calculation: Correct dimensioning for maximum safety and economy

JET continuous rooflights and JET kerb systems are pre-dimensioned for structural requirements as early as the quotation stage in order to provide our customers with reliable and, at the same time, economical quotations. The necessary structural calculations information regarding the loads to be assumed by the on-site kerbs will be stated on request. We do all this for you free of charge - for your and our own safety. We only charge our own costs for any increased time and effort for the preparation of verifiable structural documentation, should this be desired