Wartung Glaskonstruktionen

Service and Care for Glass Constructions

Regular maintenance and professional care are imperative in order to optimally protect and maintain glass constructions. The increasingly extreme weather phenomena such as storms, heavy rain, hail, snow and ice can particularly pose a real danger to complex glass structures in the long term.

Persistent weather influences can lead to alterations, material fatigue and wear and tear on components. The consequence: Water ingress and expensive consequential damage due to cracks, loosened screw and bolt connections and leakage points. In order to prevent this, we can execute regular and expert service and maintenance for you.

Why regular service and maintenance are so important:


  • Contamination and soiling, which is professionally removed at appropriate intervals, does not create a problem for glass.
  • Regular servicing can prevent the harmful entry of water into the building fabric.
  • The hazards arising from structural damage to the glass construction are therefore significantly reduced.
  • The risk of repair-related building failures is effectively prevented
  • Preventing high capital and personnel costs in case of refurbishment
  • Service and care guarantee that the construction and thereby the entire property retain its value for a long time.
  • A service flat rate as a fixed, scheduled expense

Cleaning glass constructions requires the services of qualified personnel who are very familiar with the special features of the construction. This categorically excludes any damage caused by cleaning which could be caused, for example, by incorrect or incorrectly utilised cleaning agents or materials. For this reason we always follow the following rules in our work:
  • Previous, professional examination of the necessity for repair work
  • Utilising gentle, soft cleaning materials according to the type of glazing used in the building
  • Applying neutral cleaning agents for sustainable protection of seals or gaskets and for maintaining light permeability
  • Verification and documentation of all maintenance work and submitting documents to the customer
  • Service and maintenance work certified according to DIN ISO 9001

You can therefore always be sure that your glass elements are protected long term and maintained and cared for in the best possible way. Please do not hesitate to contact us for an individual quotation.