Maintenance with JET

The qualified maintenance and care of daylight systems as well as SHEV plants is essential to ensure long-term functional safety reliability. Regular, qualified maintenance intervals are prescribed by law for smoke and heat exhaust plants. Our certified maintenance concept is aimed at relieving you of any time and effort involved with complying with maintenance intervals and other legal requirements.

We can convince you with not only our many years of know-how and certified service technicians, but also with an accompanying digital service. Due to our "Service Mobile", we can now provide you with even more safety and efficiency: for example with maintenance and repair histories that are available for all products at all times. Maintenance work can therefore be executed even faster and more efficiently. An additional advantage for you: all data of the maintenance process is also available on-line for you in detail. This not only saves time, but also protects resources at the same time.

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Maintenance and Service for your SHEV

Service and Care for Glass Constructions

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