JET BA-Glazing Systems

We have created and developed special BA glazing systems for special optical demands with which we provide maximum flexibility for individual architecture while, at the same time, providing outstanding material quality. The tried and tested standard solutions mainly impress with their economic efficiency.

The decisive advantages of glass constructions lie in the naturalness of the incidental light, which is transmitted in its entire spectrum, and for the unrestricted view to the outside. Especially in interior rooms and spaces where many people are located, a particularly positive perception with regard to comfort unfolds.

Additional advantages of the glazing systems are created by the high resistance to driving rain, air permeability, resistance to wind load as well as flexible utilisation on the roof due to various designs and accessories.

The JET VENTRIA system flaps are the optimal solution for glass systems which are to be utilised for aeration and ventilation as well as for smoke exhaust within the framework of an SHEV system. In addition to the corresponding technical properties for efficient smoke exhaust as well as the supply of sufficient fresh air, the designs are particularly convincing due to their elegant design and attractive appearance. Due to the generous variety of available models, the flaps are also extremely adaptable and flexible.

BA-Glazing systems

BA-Top-mounted glazing system