Toranlagen und Sonderkonstruktion

Door systems and special constructions

Aluminium or steel doors as manually-operated or power-operated systems

Sliding door systems in aluminium and steel frame construction methods fulfil high demands in terms of design, quality and reliability. In combination with a door filling panel made of GRILLODUR® daylight elements, they also achieve very good glare and shadow-free daylight illumination.

All other door leaf fillings or planking available on the market can also of course be utilised on customer request. The door systems will be planned, designed, manufactured and installed according to your requirements in consultation with you. Compliance with DIN EN 13241-1-10 is therefore self-explanatory for us.

You can select between door systems with versions as sliding, sliding-folding, concentric, lifting/lowering and revolving. For special requirements, we can also supply door systems with burglar-resistant or soundproof properties.

You should contact as early as in the planning stage in order to find the optimal solution for your individual object. We will be pleased to advise you regarding a construction that fits exactly.

Even special constructions - such as hangar doors - can be easily implemented with GRILLODUR® due to the high-quality material with its excellent properties. Our engineering team will be pleased to create and develop the right product for your building project.

  • Sliding door systems
  • Sliding-folding door system
  • Rotary door systems
  • Lifting/lowering door systems
  • Revolving door systems
  • Crane flaps
  • Sound insulating door systems
  • Burglary-resistant doors
  • Helicopter transport platforms
  • Additional equipment and features according to every requirement
  • Doors made of aluminium up to 10 m high
  • Doors made of steel up to 20 m high
  • Widths up to 120 m (larger on request)
  • Industrial buildings
  • Hall buildings
  • Airport buildings
  • Shipyards
  • Military object construction

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