JET Special constructions & door systems with GRILLODUR®

No matter how unusual your requirements are - the JET door systems, daylight pyramids and special constructions with GRILLODUR® enable a wide range of special solutions and shapes for flat roofs, façades or sliding door systems.

GRILLODUR® pyramids can be utilised on flat roofs and with a slope of up to 45° and can be expanded multifunctionally by installing ventilation flaps and SHEV flaps. Their design shape impresses and ensures maximum homogeneous illumination, especially where glare-free daylight is required, both in industrial and office environments. Integrated sun protection and extremely high hail protection are additional advantages.

The modular GRILLODUR® design also enables almost any special designs or constructions as well as individual door systems. This means that sliding hangar doors over 12 m high or power-operated helicopter transport platforms can be implemented without any problems.

All designs and constructions with GRILLODUR® are characterised by a high mechanical load capacity of up to 2.5 kN/m2, very good sound insulation and U Values of up to 0.8 W/m2K with free choice of colour and geometry.

Contact us: Our engineering department will be pleased to assist you with planning and implementation in order to create and develop a perfectly suitable solution for your building project.


Door systems and special constructions