The flat roof window in hip format

Glass architecture in rectangular format: The JET-ISO-HIP-45° not only has an attractive design, but also impresses with numerous technical and construction-physical advantages.

This flat roof window in hip format owes its excellent thermal insulation values and very good sound insulation to its thermally separated aluminium profile, sound-absorbing thermal insulation glass and thermally insulated upstand design. GRILLODUR® can also be implemented for the design on request instead of glass.

The JET-ISO-HIP-45° guarantees an excellent light output due to the pronounced slender burr profiles and undivided glass panes. The design daylight element can be additionally extended as a ventilated system to thereby ensure a pleasant room climate by utilising the appropriate fan motors.

  • 2-fold or 3-fold insulation glass or GRILLODUR® panels
  • 2 glazing variants: Thermal protection glass or sun protection glass
  • Fixed or ventable
  • Ventilation possibilities: electric
  • Comfort control via JET-SMARTCONTROL (optional)
  • Deliverable in nominal dimensions (EURO geometry) Rectangular: 100x150, 100x200, 120x150, 120x240, 150x180, 150x250, 180x250 cm
  • Ug Value: 2-fold (3-fold) insulation glass: 1.1 (0,6) W/m2K according to DIN EN 673
  • Ug Value: GRILLODUR®-Panel: 1.4 W/m2K according to DIN EN 673
  • Light transmission TL: 2-fold (3-fold) insulation glass WSG: 78 % / SSG: 66 % (WSG: 68 % / SSG: 48 %)
  • Light transmission TL: GRILLODUR®-Panel (blue: 38 % / grey: 21 %)
  • Airborne sound insulation: 2-fold/ 3-fold insulation glass: approx. 36 dB / approx. 39 dB GRILLODUR®-Panel: 24 dB
  • Flat roof window (Insulation glass / A1 mineral wool / EPDM) (components are predominantly non-combustible)
  • Office buildings
  • Administration buildings
  • Residential buildings

Accessories for JET-ISO-HIP-45°

SHEV and Ventilation