JET-Gruppe – Part of VELUX Commercial


Unique inspection equipment for controlling anchor device securely installed in the roof

We have developed the JET-REVISION-UPSTAND for more safety in new and existing buildings. It enables optimum control of the functional safety of anchor device permanently installed in the flat roof surface. As a rule, the anchors on the load-bearing structure become permanently inaccessible due to insulation and roof waterproofing and therefore cannot be objectively tested. With the JET-REVISION-UPSTAND this is no longer a problem.

Due to this system, the cover is simply removed and the individual anchor point can be inspected. Assembling and sealing is executed just the same as with a standard light dome upstand. An EPDM sealing collar for sealing the penetration is already pre-assembled and sealed at the factory.

This therefore provides you with numerous advantages. An objective visual inspection is possible at any time and can always be repeated, the documentation can be executed including a photograph, controversial tensile tests are no longer necessary and the roof membrane remains completely undamaged. Above all, however, you benefit from maximum safety for the people on the roof.

  • Steel upstand (single-skinned and thermally insulated)
  • Safety connection frame made of aluminium with connection rails for mechanical fastening of roof membranes
  • Removable aluminium cover with EPDM collar for the passing through solid anchor device (e.g. securants)
  • L x W x H (internal) = approx. 350 x 350 x 300 mm
  • Industrial buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Administration buildings