System for more safety on the roof

The JET-STEEL GRID MATS fulfil the highest safety requirements for you on your roof in many respects. Protection of human life can therefore be effectively and safely guaranteed. The safety systems comply with DIN 4426: 2017-01 as well as the workplace directive ASR A2.1. They are effective as permanently and collectively fall-through safe tested by BG-BAU (German Employee´s Insurance Liability Association for Construction) and certified according to GS-BAU-18 (fall-through protection for construction components). The safety system is already assembled in-house at the factory and is therefore effective immediately after fixing the upstand.

  • Steel GRID mats as accessories for JET steel upstands
  • Combination with SHEV central unit is possible
  • Industrial buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Administration buildings