JET Light Dome Safety Concept

Within the framework of retrofitting the JET-LK-DDN and JET-LK-DDS fall-through protection systems, JET can provide a standardised 5-step system process with which the safety on your flat roof is tested by JET certified experts. Commencing with a hazard assessment including advice regarding defects, through to the load-bearing capacity test of the upstands up to, and including, retrofitting, acceptance approval and final documentation. Manufacturer independent and objective.

If, during the course of the hazard assessment, it becomes apparent that the light domes on your roof are not, or only insufficiently, secured against falling through, then it can be directly inspected whether your upstands are suitable for retrofitting. Our special torque wrench enables determination for the load-bearing capacity for retrofitting the JET-LK-DDN and JET-LK-DDS with just one click. The process is BG (German Employer´s Liability Insurance Association) tested and certified. Our safety systems can only be utilised without hesitation when this test is positive.

The subsequent installation of the nets is executed quickly and safely - due to the detailed assembly instructions and the self-locking fastening system. The final steps comprise technical approval acceptance and final documentation.

You can achieve maximum safety on your flat roof in just 5 steps with us.

Stability testing


Technical approval inspection


Downloads for the JET Light Dome Safety Concept