The all-rounder among the upstands

The JET-GRP-upstands can be utilised for a wide range of applications and can be connected to bituminous and plastic roof membranes as well as to trapezoidal profiles and/or corrugated profiles and ISO roofs by means of appropriate flange formations.

The upstands are additionally equipped with at least 20 mm thermal insulation, which can also be supplied in thicknesses of 40, 60, 80 or 100 mm when required. The JET-GRP-upstands can additionally be supplied with an overhang strip.

A selection between the RAK upstand geometry for maximum aerodynamic exhaust values (Aa values) or EURO for improved thermal insulation properties is available for utilisation as an SHEV system.

  • GRP-upstand (2-skinned) with 30 mm PU insulation
  • Surface area: internally RAL 9002 / externally raw aluminium (colour according to RAL on request as option)
  • Can be utilised as an SHEV device with the various FIREJET® opener fitting systems - tested according to DIN EN 12101-2
  • Can be utilised as a staircase SHEV device according to LBO with various 24 V electric drive units and SHEV central units
  • Deliverable in nominal dimensions 90 x 90 / 90 x 120 cm up to 250 x 250 cm / 200 x 300 cm
  • Deliverable in upstand heights: 15, 30 and 50 cm
  • Uup Value: between 0.43 and 1,5 W/m2K according to DIN EN 1873 (depending on the upstand height and insulation thickness)
  • GRP-Upstand: (GF-UP / PU insulation / GF-UP)
  • Fire Class E according to EN 13501-1 (tested within the framework of SHEV testing)
  • Industrial buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Administration buildings
  • Residential buildings