For highest safety in preventive fire protection

The JET-ALU-DARKENING FLAP-WD-80 can be ideally used to efficiently dissipate toxic smoke fumes in case of fire. Especially in buildings where daylight is not necessary or not desired, such as for example in cinemas.

They comprise aluminium flaps in a sandwich construction method. They are thermally separated by the stable ventilation frame made from unplasticised PVC and insulated with 80 mm mineral wool. This also makes them particularly energy-efficient.

Irrespective of whether in new buildings or for use in refurbishment projects - the darkening flaps can always be adapted and individualised to the given requirements due to the comprehensive JET accessories. The optional coating of the surface area in RAL colour also contributes to this.

The JET-ALU-DARKENING FLAP-WD-80 is also suitable for aeration and ventilation. This can be executed either electrically, pneumatically or manually.

  • Aluminium darkening flap with 80 mm mineral wool insulation
  • Surface area: Aluminium natural (colour according to RAL on request as option)
  • Fixed or ventable
  • Ventilation possibilities: manual, electric, pneumatic
  • Can be utilised as SHEV system with the various FIREJET® opener devices - tested according to EN 12101-2
  • Can be utilised as a staircase SHEV system according to LBO with various 24V electric drive units and SHEV control units
  • Deliverable in nominal dimensions 60 x 60 up to 200 x 200 cm / 200 x 300 cm
  • Un LD Value: Aluminium darkening flap: 0.46 W/m2K according to EN 673 / DIN 4108-4
  • Light transmission TL: Aluminium darkening flap: 0 %
  • Sound insulation: 38 dB
  • Aluminium darkening flap (aluminium / A1 mineral wool / aluminium) (components are predominantly non-combustible)
  • Industrial buildings
  • Commercial buildings

Accessories for JET-ALU-DARKENING FLAP-WD-80 Light Domes


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