JET Light Dome, Impact Protection

The JET-SUPER-TOP light domes provide a plus in safety when it comes to strong external influences. They are mainly characterised by their high resistance to external stresses or loads due to the glazing of the outer skin made from polycarbonate. The light dome is therefore also protected against vandalism.

These light domes are also very well protected against hail. They are certified with level HW5 (very high resistance) in water tightness and mechanics. In addition, they have been tested and approved by the BG-Bau (Trade Association for Construction) in accordance with GS-BAU 18 as fall-through safe and support safe working on industrial flat roofs. You can guarantee protection for your building and the people on the roof at the same time with one light dome.

This light dome variant is additionally available as a PLUS version and can also be selected as a pyramid or round version shape. It can also be utilised as an SHEV system or for efficient ventilation with the appropriate accessories.

JET-SUPER-TOP 2-skinned

JET-SUPER-TOP 3-skinned