JET Light Dome, Hail Protection

Due to climate change, strong storms with heavy rainfall and thunderstorms are also increasing more and more in Germany. The damage to daylight elements on industrial flat roofs is then quickly devastating. That does not have to be the case. You can be provided with special protection against hailstorms with JET light domes including a glazing completely made of polycarbonate.

Based on extensive hail protection tests, these light domes have been awarded HW5 (very high resistance) comprehensively - for water tightness and light transmission as well as for optics and mechanics. This means that they can withstand even larger hailstones (up to 5 cm) and remain completely undamaged. Due to these outstanding properties, our “Hail Protection Light Domes” product range also provides increased protection against vandalism.

At the same time, as certified fall-through safe versions, they provide increased safety for people on the flat roof and can also be utilised as an SHEV device and ventable light domes with the appropriate JET opener accessories.

JET-HAILSTOP 2-skinned

JET-HAILSTOP 3-skinned