JET Light Dome, Energy Efficient

In addition to the basic functions such as lighting, ventilation and smoke exhaust, daylight systems must also fulfil the increasing demands for energy efficiency and economy.

The energy-efficient JET light domes are the ideal solution when an increase in thermal insulation is required on the industrial flat roof. For example, they easily fulfil the 2016 requirements of the German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV), which were again tightened up in 2016, and thereby provide a high potential for energy savings. They are available as an opal glazing variant for a glare-free environment or as a clear version. In addition, the energy-efficient light domes are characterised by increased sound insulation.

Combined with appropriate accessories, the light domes can be equipped for convenient and comfort-related applications such as the supply of fresh air or internal shading. The connection to the JET-SMARTCONTROL system control with radio remote control provides even more comfort. Upgrading to a smoke exhaust system for preventive fire protection is also possible without any problems.

Incidentally: The JET-TOP-90 standard light dome can also be retrofitted to a more energy-efficient version. Contact us, we will be pleased to advise you.

JET-TOP-90-PLUS 2-skinned



JET-TOP-90-COMFORT-S 4-skinned