JET Light Domes

The JET light domes made from plastic are the ideal solution in order to for supply industrial-utilised buildings with sufficient daylight and fresh air via the flat roof. Due to the construction method utilised today, this can often not be achieved by the façade alone.

Light domes from JET are characterised by their high robustness, long service life and therefore high economic efficiency. This is made possible due to the JET typical mechanical fastening of the light dome glazing on the ventilation frame or directly on the upstand. Beneficial processing aids, such as connection systems for roof membranes, support safe and efficient installation in various roof constructions. JET light domes are characterised with particularly fast assembly time and a unique replacement concept.

The light dome range also impresses with a large variety of shapes and sizes as well as glazing variants. Supplemented by a comprehensive range of upstands and accessories, JET light domes can be configured for almost any application. Individual product requirements with regard to function and design can therefore be easily implemented. These include, for example, excellent thermal insulation properties as well as the application possibility for aeration and ventilation and also for smoke and heat exhaust (SHEV). Depending on their design and accessories, they also fulfil additional functions such as protection against falling through, heat, sun, impact or hail.

All JET light domes comply with the high standard of the EC declaration of conformity.

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