JET Continuous Rooflights, Energy Efficient

The energy-efficient continuous rooflights from JET are particularly suitable for flat-roof buildings with high demands on an energy-efficient design, both for new buildings and for energy-efficient refurbishment. They can be utilised for natural lighting, aeration, ventilation and smoke exhaust and can be equipped with various glazing variants (opal/clear). Simple and quick assembly can be executed due to the high degree of prefabrication at our factory. You have the choice between the JET-VARIO-THERM arched version and the version as saddle and shed continuous rooflight as the JET-VARIO-THERM-S.

The innovative material combination of the JET composite profiles comprising robust unplasticised PVC and aluminium cover profiles guarantees a high-quality and robust construction and combines insulation, protection and perfect roof sealing with high architectural demands. Combined with the heat-insulating multi-chamber eaves profile and kerb connection profile, this results in an optimum isothermal characteristic and therefore lower heat loss.

All energy-efficient JET continuous rooflight designs are also tested and certified in accordance with European Technical Approval (ETA) and can therefore be utilised throughout Europe in a legally compliant manner. An appropriately coordinated system accessory with, for example, shading systems and BG certified fall-through protection completes our range for energy-efficient continuous rooflights.