JET Vollklappe

JET Continuous Rooflight full Flaps

Our best selling continuous rooflight flaps for SHEV and ventilation

Our continuous rooflight full flaps provide a threefold benefit: Very good room and space illumination with natural daylight: The possibility of electrically or pneumatically actuated aeration and ventilation for a healthy room climate. Utilisation as a natural smoke exhaust system (NSHEV) in the course of preventive fire protection in combination with a corresponding opener device.

They can be aesthetically integrated into the continuous rooflights of the VARIO-NORM and VARIO-THERM series and - due to the high degree of prefabrication - enable efficient on-site assembly. In addition, they can be customised in a variety of ways - for example with the extensive range of accessories (hail protection, fall-through protection and many more) and various glazing options.

The JET continuous rooflight flaps can be delivered in dimensions from 120 x 100 cm up to 270 x 204 cm.

  • In the VARIO-NORM and VARIO-THERM versions
  • Versatile glazing options (such as fixed continuous rooflight)
  • Ventilation options: electric or pneumatic
  • Can be utilised as SHEV devices with the various VARIO-FIREJET® opener device systems
  • Tested and certified according to DIN EN 12101-2
  • Deliverable in dimensions from 120 x 100 cm up to 270 x 204 cm
  • Depending on selected multi-wall sheet
    • Ug Values from 2.57 to 1.16 W/m2K
    • Light transmission TL between 80 and 15 %
  • Airborne sound insulation up to 27 dB
  • SHEV characteristics depending on SHEV system and dimension
  • Industrial buildings
  • Commercial buildings