JET Continuous Rooflights

JET continuous rooflights are the ideal solution for large-area glazing of industrial flat roofs and flat sloping roofs. In addition to natural lighting, they can also be utilised - in combination with additional flaps - for aeration, ventilation as well as for smoke exhaust. They also fulfil the high demands of modern industrial architecture at the same time.

With its wide-ranging selection of equipment and accessories, JET continuous rooflights ensure an optimum supply of natural daylight, a good indoor climate due to fresh air supply and maximum safety in the event of fire due to smoke and heat ventilation. They additionally insulate against cold and heat, fulfil the structural requirements according to German and European building law, are stable and safe even in extreme weather conditions and provide a high self-cleaning effect. But above all they are one thing: durable due to the high JET quality.

JET continuous rooflights can be utilised for buildings of various sizes as a functional system solution. Possible areas of application include industrial buildings, warehouses, logistics centres, production facilities or sports halls. Due to the dimensions of the building and its utilisation, these buildings require a particularly high light input which can be easily guaranteed with JET continuous rooflights with lengths of your choice and order widths of up to 11 m. The continuous rooflights additionally ensure optimum diffusion of light into the interior, creating a pleasant working atmosphere.

All guidelines and standards are also fulfilled with regard to occupational health and safety. Special fall through protection systems ensure safety on the roof. They prevent falling through the continuous rooflight and/or open flaps.

JET can provide the right continuous rooflight for every project due to the numerous designs and variants. We impress with the same high quality throughout Europe. This has also been verified by the certification of our continuous rooflights with the European Technical Approval (ETA).

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