JET Daylight systems made from plastic

Daylight systems made of plastic have a decisive function in industrial flat roofs with regard to natural lighting, ventilation and smoke exhaust. As a rule, artificial lighting can be dispensed of under normal lighting conditions during the day, which not only has a positive effect on energy costs but also on human well-being. The result is an increase in productivity while, at the same time, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. Utilising SHEV functions additionally ensures maximum levels of safety and guarantees the prescribed personal and property protection in industrial buildings.

The tried and tested JET daylight systems made of plastic fulfil all these requirements. Our light domes and continuous rooflights, which are arranged on flat roofs, enable a provision of uniform illumination for rooms, spaces and can also be utilised for ventilation and smoke exhaust (SHEV) in commercial, industrial and administrative buildings.

Irrespective of whether for new buildings or refurbishment projects - with JET you always have the right solution for your individual requirements. Our configurable standard modules provide you with individualised application possibilities. We orientate our products and services to the current and future legal and normative requirements for daylight architecture, the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) as well as the laws and standards governing natural smoke exhaust. With the ETA approval and CE-marking, we can comprehensively guarantee our customers throughout Europe with the same high quality and functionality.

Light Domes

Continuous rooflights