JET Insektenschutz


For effective protection in light domes

In some rooms, such as sensitive foodstuff production facilities, reliable insect protection is essential. Such protection is also increasingly in demand in residential and administrative buildings. Our light domes can therefore be equipped with the practical JET-INSECT PROTECTION.

You can hereby select between two versions: The horizontal system for ventable light domes and the vertical system for ventable NSHEV systems. Both versions provide optimum protection against insects and coarse soiling and are also extremely weatherproof.

If the insect protection is utilised as a vertical protection system in an NSHEV, then the aerodynamic smoke exhaust surface always remains unaffected.

  • Two systems can be selected: Horizontal insect protection system for ventable, standard light domes, vertical insect protection system for SHEV light domes
  • Possible applications in: JET-TOP-90-Light Domes, also for retrofitting
  • Industrial buildings
  • Commercial buildings