JET-Gruppe – Part of VELUX Commercial


For internal use with light domes and non-planar daylight elements

JET-DARKENING AND SHADING SYSTEMS provide you with an ideal supplement for daylight systems that are to be effectively darkened at certain times - for example in conference or lecture rooms as well as also in residential buildings.

You can select between two different fabrics: an opaque special fabric for a complete darkening or a translucent special fabric for a reduction of the incidental daylight yield (light transmission degree ~ 4-12 %).

In both cases the operation is executed by an electric motorised actuation with a 230 V AC motor. This enables you to darken your daylight elements at the push of a button whenever it is necessary.

  • Circumferential aluminium frame
  • Profile-integrated 230 V tubular motor
  • Two fabrics can be selected (shading or darkening)
  • Automation in combination with JET-SMARTCONTROL
  • Office buildings
  • Administration buildings