Accessories for GRILLODUR®

In order to protect buildings effectively against insects, GRILLODUR® continuous rooflight flaps can be equipped with an appropriate insect protection system. The GRILLODUR® insect protection system provides effective protection against the penetration of flying and crawling insects, or even birds or small animals, as well as coarse soiling. This is particularly important in companies where continuous ventilation is required or where increased hygienic requirements must be fulfilled e.g. in the foodstuff or pharmaceutical industries.

Our weather-resistant insect protection system can be utilised as an accessory for your GRILLODUR® continuous rooflight at any time, whether installed directly on delivery or as part of a retrofitting programme. Please do not hesitate to contact us; we will be pleased to advise you about the perfect solution.

Accessories for GRILLODUR® range

GRILLODUR®-Insect Protection System