JET Insektenschutz für Lichtbänder

JET Insect Protection for JET Continuous Rooflights

Optimal protection against insects and coarse soiling

The JET insect protection system is the perfect solution for JET continuous rooflight flaps for increased hygienic requirements. It prevents not only the ingress of insects, but also coarse soiling. This makes it ideal, for example, in restaurants or the foodstuff industry.

A possible ventilation function and SHEV function hereby remains completely unaffected. Ventilation lift heights of 300 mm are possible with the installed insect protection. The protection system is automatically forced to separate from the substructure in the case of SHEV triggering.

The insect protection fabric can also be removed - e.g. for cleaning purposes - and can also be retrofitted and/or exchanged without difficulty.

  • For ventilation lift heights up to 300 mm
  • Utilised in particular in foodstuff industry and foodstuff industry operations, such as e.g. bakeries, fruit processing plants or beverage bottling plants
  • No effect on the aerodynamic exhaust surface area (Aa-Value)
  • Removable insect protection fabric (e.g. for cleaning purposes)
  • Industrial buildings
  • Commercial buildings

Downloads for JET Insect Protection for JET Continuous Rooflights