The start-up system for automatic building control

The JET-SMARTCONTROL-LIGHT control system enables us to combine individual comfort and protection for electrically operated daylight elements with their accessories and additional electro components throughout the building. The system comprises an external weather station, an operating and controlling central unit with 5 inch LCD touch screen display as well as numerous radio controlled channels for communication with the weather station, motorised control devices and for integrating additional sensors (e.g. for recording CO2 and humidity).

Ideal for smart controlling for comfort drive units, for example for ventilation or shading in small offices, communal and residential buildings. It therefore provides countless advantages – starting with the intuitive operating and the reduced installation effort up to, and including, the possibility as a retrofitted system. A combination with an SHEV central unit can also be implemented at any time.

  • 230 V external weather station (sensor unit for wind, rain, temperature brightness and GPS reception for date, time and sunshine status)
  • Internal central unit for operating and controlling (5 inch colour touch screen with radio control unit including internal temperature sensor)
  • 15 radio channels for communication with motorised control devices for 230 V ventilation or shading drive units
  • 32 radio controlled channels for integrating various sensors (humidity, CO2 content, temperature in rooms, radio control button or hand held radio remote control)
  • Office buildings
  • Administration buildings
  • Residential buildings